Wet and Wise Dragon Heart


Manufacturer : Wet And Wise

Material : Premium Japanese Ebonite

Fully machined in-house | MADE IN BELGIUM

Included with pen purchase

  • Premium Ink converter
  • Premium PU leather pen box or 3D Floating Display Frame Box
  • Polishing cloth
  • and some other cool goodies

Nib Upgrade

You can choose between two famous nib brands. Bock or Jowo. After you add the pen to your card, CLICK HERE to upgrade to a “Bock” nib or CLICK HERE to upgrade to a “Wet&Wise Jowo” nib.


Wet and Wise Dragon Heart

manufacturer:Wet And Wise Co.

Country of Origin:Made in Belgium

Material: Elforyn Juma

Filling System:Standard Cartridge and International Converter (Included)

Description:High Quality Handmade Custom Bespoke Fountain Pen. The cap, the section and the barrel made of high quality material. High glass polished. Smooth Threads.

Since I specialize in bespoke, custom made items, you can have a pen tailored to your exacting requirements. If you like to modify dimensions or you like this pen in other material, please consider to contact me.

You can also order your fully customized fountain pen by filling this form. Please check the design and current material inventory.

Nib Upgrade

After you add the pen to your card, CLICK HERE to upgrade you nib.

If you would like to upgrade from polished steel nib to a color steel nib or other precious metal, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Gold Plated Steel
  • Rose Gold Plated Steel
  • Two Tone Steel
  • Black Lacquer Steel
  • Red Lacquer Steel
  • Purple Lacquer Steel (New)
  • Titanium (Semi-Flex)
  • 14K Gold
  • 18K Gold
  • 23K Palladium
  • 23K Platinum

Due to the special nature of acrylic/resin/ebonite/celluloid materials, there are almost no pens of the same pattern and texture. The texture of each pen are randomly formed and are not artificially controlled. This is its uniqueness. Consider also all pens are handmade and they are not mass-produced from production lines. So overall, this pen you see it here is one of a kind and it’s unique. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Probably I can make similar if you custom order it, but keep in your mind it will not be identically the same.

Please allow slight difference on dimensions.


  1. New arrival! Awesome fountain pens! Beautiful colored pattern design makes the pen delicate and cute, just like the treasure in the palm. It is hard to put it down. Wherever you go, carry it.
  2. Integrity of quality and perfect writing. Delivering beautiful and elegant line, giving you unparalleled writing experience.
  3. High quality Bock nib made in Germany. Smooth, Pleasant and Perfect writing experience provided or you by using famous Bock nib;
  4. Comfortable to hold, no press. Designed by an engineer-artist who accidentally is fountain pen lover. Combination of this three bring you what you expect from a pen. Comfort ability, Beauty, Reliability and Durability;
  5. Best for gift, travel or everyday life: Record your thoughts or feelings anywhere, anytime.

Fully machined in-house | MADE IN BELGIUM
Lathed raw stock | Hand-polished

Please allow 1-3 weeks to ship pens manufactured in-house. We prepare and ship pens as fast as possible but our output speed varies with order volume.