The present conditions apply to any supply of goods Wet and Wise, irrespective of any conditions of purchase issued by the guest. From our conditions can be waived only if our express prior written agreement to do so. Any exceptions are valid only for the provision to which they relate and can not be invoked by any subsequent orders.

Complaints relating to supplies could be considered only if written objections within five business days after delivery, and provided the goods by the customer not any way to use were taken. Defective goods under the foregoing provisions were timely notified, will either be replaced or for recoverable.

Complaints regarding invoices can be accepted only in case of written objections within eight days after the invoice date.

The specified delivery times are not only indicatively. Any delays caused by force majeure or circumstances due to the customer, can never commit to compensation, or causes of refusal of the delivery form.

Any possible delay will however be notified as soon as possible to the customer.

Each order is final only after it was accepted in writing by us. The prices are not always revisable and are inclusive of VAT

If this price is in effect at the time of delivery.

If the specified prices between the date of entering into the sale agreement and / or confirmation and the date of delivery of the products sold for any reason would have increased, will Wet and Wise  to the right price the client to pass.

If the price exceeds 5% of the declared price, the customer will have the right to cancel the sales contract without any compensation Wet and Wise to recover.

Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are payable at the office of our company, net cash, without discount, within 10 days after invoice date. For non-payment or incomplete payment of the invoice on the due date, shall automatically and without notice a late fee payable at the rate of 1% per Month

In such case, all other invoices, even valid, due and payable immediately. Wet and Wise in this case also the right to suspend all pending orders at the time of full payment.

Of default from the due date will automatically and without prior notice, over and above the interest referred to above, a standard damage and expenses due, equal to 15% of the invoiced amount, excluding VAT, with a minimum of € 25 to all the other rights which Wet and Wise can invoke and / or damages to which they are entitled.

Checks are only valid as payment after their redemption. The acceptance of paying bills or other documents will not be able to face novation.

The delivered goods to the buyer, even when he used remain property of the seller until the time of full payment of the price. The buyer undertakes not to sell goods or to concede to others or to use as collateral, as long as they remain the property of the seller. In case of non-compliance with this prohibition, a fixed compensation of 50% of the sales price payable by the buyer. If the merchandise it sold, then the right to the resulting sale price instead of the delivered goods. The customer bears from the time of the conclusion of the contract, the risk of deterioration, disappearance and destruction.

All disputes relating to our deliveries and invoices, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Antwerp district. Wet and Wise can always decide to settle the dispute before the competent judges of the district of residence or the seat of the debtor.

The Belgian Trade Practices Act, the information and the protection of consumers from July 14, 1991, allows consumers to order within 7 days after receipt of the product to inform the seller that he renounces the sale. 10.2 If the buyer wants to abandon its purchase can he do if he is a “Return Request” to Wet and Wise deliver within 7 days after receiving the product. This can via mail. The goods must be after confirmation by Wet and Wise within 7 days will be returned to Wet and Wise, and this in the original, undamaged, complete and original condition and packaging with all accessories, user manual and a copy of the invoice and / or delivery. Within 30 days after acceptance of the Commercial Wet and Wise will return any sums paid to reimburse, the costs of supply reduction will be charged (with a minimum of 6 euros).